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Lesbian/Bi Stories Can Absolutely End Up Being Common

Trish Bendix
on Summer 10, 2015

What makes something queer? Will it be the individual behind the tv show or flick, or a character that rests with the same intercourse? Possibly it is the subtext by yourself that some buyers latch onto and others continue to be oblivious. Queer stories (that is to say issues that aren’t 100 percent heterosexual) have grown to be a considerable an element of the zeitgeist over the last three many years, and traditional society is most effective off for it. Queer tradition has actually, obviously, existed—and persisted—but mainly in the perimeter, and lots of your stories being reshaped for mass use, straightened out and de-gayed in order that characters can be a lot more “relatable.” (See:

Fried Green Tomatoes


Yet while LGBT publications, TV shows, motion pictures and Broadway programs were offered honors, spawned critical acclaim, and growing fanbases, absolutely nonetheless a pervading indisputable fact that implies individuals to their rear (authors, producers, communities, actors, etc.) must prove that their unique work is maybe not “merely a homosexual story.”

Fun Home

‘s playwright

Lisa Kron

addressed this in a current interview, discussing exactly how individuals qualify the butch lesbian-led tv series by stating it really is “much bigger than the story of a lesbian.”

“I say, ‘It’s EXACTLY the size of the storyline of a lesbian,”

Lisa told

The Brand New York Post

. “The presumption is this kind of individual can not mirror something fundamental concerning the personal knowledge. I’m neither Danish nor royal, but I don’t have continuously trouble [understanding]



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Every single queer woman is continuing to grow upwards consuming heterosexual tales, whether they go for about really love and relationships or simply just the main bigger tapestry in a story about battle or illness or moments of all time. Somehow we’ve been capable of finding part of our selves included, determine with a protagonist or find out new things. Are we simply wiser or maybe more versatile than right men and women? I’d like to say that’s the case, but I do not believe’s the reality. Just What


genuine is the fact that the strong patriarchy that renders a good many choices in what we watch, review or listen to en masse continues to be nervous that “gay” tales aren’t common


that the sole people who will enjoy a tv show with a lesbian lead are lesbians, unless she has a straight guy companion or a male semen donor she sleeps with. Definitely that makes it more palatable, somehow, which assumes that right customer is often as well homophobic and resilient or stupid adequate that they cannot find any empathy or desire for somebody who is different from all of them in at least one significant means. Never ever worry about that they will see science fiction and fantasy


the suspension system of notion prevents with sex.

I was thus happy to notice Lisa Kron vocals the lady view on this subject concerning the woman Tony-award winning program

Fun Home

, since the majority of that time, also the lesbians and homosexual men behind work that has had LGBT motifs tends to be an integral part of the problem. Whenever

One Big Happy

was about to premiere,

Ellen DeGeneres

(a professional manufacturer on show) planned to get the point across:

“it is actually a rather funny show. It happens having a lesbian personality with it. It isn’t like We created a production organization and stated, ‘Bring me personally all lesbian programs.’ I am not simply probably going to be a lesbian equipment that simply works out stuff.”

The concept that Ellen or someone else would make programs about lesbians even though we want even more lesbians is actually a strange notion that seems commonly recognized. Yes, we would like even more presence, but not at the cost of top quality. Or no media manufacturers have chosen to take a peek at Twitter or Tumblr not too long ago, they would understand there is a pretty high standard in terms of the sorts of representation there is on tv and movie, and any non-fully fleshed out lesbian or bi personality is going to give us pause.

It is not just what we see: This is the songs we tune in to, as well. Queer performers usually refuse to go over their particular sexuality out of fear it is going to ghettoize their songs; that their unique openly discussing whom they’ve got connections with has actually a bearing on which buys their unique albums and concerns their shows. And even though this is a problem for some performers, other people can transcend tags, kind of like how Ellen has made the woman sexuality part of whom she’s but not a large focus.

“There appears to be men and women discovering wonderful comfort and determination and empowerment in whom the audience is. We have now got folks end up like, ‘Oh, they truly are gay’ or ‘Oh, which is homosexual music’ or ‘Really don’t like gay individuals,’ but we gain such from becoming aside it sort of neutralizes that,”

Tegan Quin


The Dallas Sound

. “Like, Really don’t care and attention. There’ve been times where it has been dark, in which someone is really homophobic, and I merely want to, like, try to escape and conceal. Instead I just grab a 2-by-4, metaphorically talking, and bash through it and keep waking up on-stage and being proud of who we are.”

Carry out queer ladies love Tegan and Sara? Hell yeah they actually do. And non-queer women and men like them, as well. But even when the bigger population of a show or concert is actually lesbian/bi-identified, exactly how is any less good?

If an account is actually advised mainly because it’s a lesbian in it, it’s very likely to not excellent. Just like if a tale will be told about a straight white guy speaking Shakespeare—what causes us to be care and attention? Why is united states want to know much more, to have included, to feel committed to a stranger, a fictional figure? Queer ladies have actually distinctive viewpoints, and the way of transferring through the globe, having it in different ways than is generally force-fed with the general public, is equally as worthy of being shared—and, more than that, necessary. Seeing us, reading all of us, checking out all of us humanizes you, which makes it that much more difficult for people to decide our company is threats to them—a group that should be reviled, stopped or killed.

Can a Broadway show about a lesbian battling family dilemmas, growing up different and discovering herself assist change the way someone feels? Yes it can—and it can win Tonys doing this. Lisa Kron,

Alison Bechdel

and also the other out women involved in

Fun Home

, along with allies just who trust the effectiveness of storytelling, know how crucial really that we end pretending whatever you’re doing is any significantly less watchable because we’re part of it unless we insist usually.

Demonstrates have actually an idea to be “about lesbians” do not last very long; implies that go for about the human experience as informed through lens of a queer girl or a few queer females will stand the test of the time. Is


“about lesbians”? No, it’s about a lady who is tangled up in a mob plan she seriously desires of and locates an interest toward hot feminine local plumber next door. It is it

perhaps not

a lesbian tale? Yes, it is—and among the first popular films that been successful with a female-female few on middle, attracting near to four million dollars to date.

As for

The L Word

, it had been both a show about queer females and telling lesbian stories from mostly lesbian ladies. But it had fully-realized characters and stories in addition to transcended a strictly lesbian market. Numerous

straight ladies

, gay and

straight guys watched the tv series

, similar to we watch shows “about” all of them. Though they viewed it purely out of voyeuristic fascination, they had experience far more psychological melodrama and lesbian lingo than genuine girl-on-girl gender moments. When it were truly the second,

The L Keyword

could not have survived six times on reduced cable network. (Unfortunately, the reality version ended up being significantly less nuanced, and that’s why it did not food so well.)

The stark reality is that a lesbian market isn’t large enough in order to make a show or musician a winner. (Unless maybe every single one of us updated in, although that will be not likely because we differing tastes and interests, exactly like other people!!!) But our company is however a sizable team, and something that warrants recognition and representation like any other people. (the reality that nearly all of our very own most visible stories at this point go for about white, able-bodied, cisgender and center to high quality lesbians is an additional issue it self!) It is an unfair stigma and following punishment to-be provided less options on the basis of the basic populace’s understood one-track thoughts. When we all accept move forward from that time, possibly we can strive to open up them up, and now we’ll be best off for this.

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